Never Give Up

Reasons you should NEVER Give Up on Your Dreams

Once upon a time there was a boy. His father died when he was five. Owing to a difficult childhood, he did not fare well at school and quit it at the age of 16. In the next one year, he lost four jobs. He found hope in a young love and got married at the age of 18. His wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. But all this could not help him find success and his wife left him and took away his daughter. He tried to kidnap his daughter once. His wife agreed to return thinking that he would be a reformed man now. Nothing changed and life went on.

He retired at the age of 65 with $105 as his life earnings. Disappointed with life, he decided to commit suicide. He went to a waterfall and decided to jump when a thought came into his mind. Was he doing everything right? Was he really pursuing what he was passionate about? The answer he got was a “NO.” He said to himself that, ”One thing I still have not tried is cooking and I am really good in that.” He spent $87 to buy the ingredients and sold his fried chicken all over Kentucky.

So whom was I talking about? I know, you know. I am talking about Colonel Sanders. At the age of 65, he wanted to end his life.

At the age of 88, he was the owner of a multi billion dollar venture, KFC.

So the moral of the story is, it is never too late to start all over. What is important is to end what you have started with all your heart. Do not let the fear of failure stop you from being successful.

So what do you think was the purpose of this story. This story has always motivated me in my quest for success and that is why i decided to share it with you. All of us in our life had dreamt to become something when we were a kid. Ranging from a fireman to a ballerina, the list is endless. Whether or not you are still pursuing your childhood dreams, you all must have some sort of idea, what is it you want to do with your life.

So are you working towards it or have given up already? Well! Let’s give you a new ray of hope today. I will give you reasons, why you should not give up on your dreams. You might have heard all of these before but today let’s give them a new actionable perspective.

Reason 1 – Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE. The word itself says “I’m Possible”

Ahh! The classic. Trust me, this could never grow old. So what you think is the hidden meaning of this? The hidden meaning is perception. How you see things would decide how you would go about achieving your dreams.

If you start with “I can do it” spirit, everything would seem to fall in place even though you are failing in the beginning. But if your start with a feeling of hesitation, anything that would come your way would be perceived as a stumbling block. You would perceive every event as a signal to quit which you would eventually end up doing.

So whatever your dream is, keep in mind that it definitely won’t be a cakewalk. There would be a lot of hurdles. You might fall a lot of times, but never ever tell yourself, that it is impossible to do it as the word itself is a mockery to its meaning. And if at all you want to use this word, use it this way, “Believe and act as if it were IMPOSSIBLE to fail.”

Reason 2 – Remember why you started. Don’t give up, find a way

Well! The hidden meaning of this one is Patience. Whenever we begin to do anything, we are full of enthusiasm and energy. We want to move the mountains. This is a basic human nature but the true test is as the time passes by. With time, the initial temperament dies and the hope of reaching one’s destination fades.

This is when you need to remind yourself, why you started the journey at the first place. That is the only thing that helps you remain calm in tough times with little motivation. It will seem nothing is falling into place but trust me there is more to what you can see. All you need to keep reminding yourself is the reason you decided to give your heart and soul to your dream. It will help you go on and not give up on your dreams.

Reason 3 – Great things never come easy

Do you think Mahatma Gandhi became the “Father of India” merely by sipping coffee in his luxurious living room? He fought for the people of India, went to jail infinite number of times and stood firm in his believes. So who told you that you would achieve your dreams very easily?

You need to put your every thing into it. Only then you would be worth achieving your dreams.

So the reason you should not give up because hardships would come your way in achieving your dream. All you need to tell yourself is that, the harder it gets, the greater reward it will bear. So do not give up on your dreams every time there is a little storm in the way.

Reason 4 – Failure is not falling down but refusing to get up

Failure is the first step to success. An ant never gives up even if it falls off the wall n number of times. Nature has created us in a way that we could adapt to any situation. All we need to do is be adamant and take our failures in a positive manner and go on.

Never give up on your dreams just because you failed. Failure is not falling down. It is the acceptance of the fact that you can’t get up. So keep going and do not give up, success is just round the corner.

Reason 5 – A single thread of hope is a very powerful thing

Yes, an exact reason that you should not give up on your dreams. Hope is a four letter word with a strength of this whole universe. Till the time you have hope that you could fulfil your dreams, you could achieve them. Never lose hope is synonymous is do not give up.

Explore that one hope that would never die in your journey to success. It would work as a guiding torch showing you the way in difficult and dark times.

Reason 6 – Life is a great adventure or nothing

Well! I agree. If everything would fall into place in the first go, success would lose its meaning. You would not have a sense of pride in you that, “Yes, I have achieved something.” Life is an adventure. Do not try to make it boring by giving up.

Always remember, if life is not an adventure, it would go monotonous and monotony is life threatening. So keep calm and live your dreams. The tougher it would get, the taste of success would be sweeter.

Reason 7 – If Plan A did not work. The alphabet has 25 more letters

Or you can say, there are many roads to a beautiful destination. If one method has failed, it does not mean, it is a dead end. There is always a way and all you need to do is find that way. Great discoveries in past do not happen in one night or in a single go.

Thomas Edison very beautifully quoted the same thought. He said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Reason 8 – Many of life’s failures come when people do not realize how close they were when they gave up

Ahh! The showstopper. Last but not the least, you are closer than you think you are. Every day, you are working something to achieve your dream. So how will you decide, when is the day you should quit? The answer is no day could be a good day. With each passing day, you are moving closer to your goal even if you would not feel it. So do not give up once you start. You are closer than you think you are.

To Conclude

I know, it is easier said than done. But try to think all the aspects before you quit. People do quit and it is called moving on. But do not make it an excuse to everything in your life.

Keep yourself calm, look in the mirror and say to your self, “Today is the day.”

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