Rahul has empowered thousands all over the world

I was amongst the Toppers of my college. I was still struggling to get a good package due to my average Public Speaking Skills. With Rahul Sir's training, I not only grabbed a package of Rs. 10 Lakhs per annum at LG, but I am also sent by my company to deal with foreign clients. I have travelled to 6 countries in just 2 years. If you get an opportunity to learn from him, then it is a must join.

Harshit Srivastava

He is someone who made me realize my capabilities. And here I am today, working in Singapore with an international firm. I admire the way he used to teach us even the minutest details. I know how nervous I used to feel when I had to put forward my view point in front of people. But today, the case is completely different and quite pleasant. I initiate conversations and put forward my view point freely. He is the best teacher one can have, because he knows how to bring out the best of you.

Suchi Bahuguna
Shelf Drilling, Singapore

An amazing individual who never fail to inspire me! Rahul has been blessed with a gift in public speaking. He often provides his audience a different perspective to life and issues, and many times in a down-to-earth manner. Did I mention he is humorous too! Rahul is also a strong advocator in positive youth development. He enjoys working with youths, mentoring and empowering them. I had the privilege to experience him in action in India and in Singapore. A great friend whom I count blessed.

Youth Empowered, Singapore


Rahul Bhatnagar - 8 Figures International Business Coach

Conducted 125+ Seminars || TRANSFORMED 2,00,000+ people till date
Professional Speaker since the past 12 Years
His students are placed in world class companies like Infosys, Wipro, LG, Xerox, Transocean, HPCL, IOCL, Indigo Airlines, Godrej, Byjus
Only Man on Earth who has given 50 Official Speeches on 50 Consecutive Days in different niches, in different cities & in front of different crowds
Worked with 150+ Top Brands
Conducted sessions in various Fortune 500 Companies
His company's case study is taught to management students
Featured in the Times of India, Amar Ujala, Dainik Jagran, The Dehradun Street, Your Story, Himachal Times
Soon to be featured in a Reality TV Show on MTV
Tony Robbins' Team Member for the event UPW, Singapore
The biggest youth event - 'USP The Survivor', attended by more than 15,000 participants is his brainchild
His Josh Talk video is amongst the Top 7 videos in their YouTube channel within just 4 months
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A Passionate Traveller

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Professional Speaker

This Wasn't Always The Case

I Wasn't Confident & I Was Not Born Rich

On completion of his MBA, he gave up on a high paying job option overseas and decided to pursue his passion of Entrepreneurship. After various failed business attempts, he registered his first venture in July 2012.

The Struggle Phase
No prior business experience, no guidance, limited financial and family support forced him to think on various occasions whether the path he is pursuing is right or wrong. It was difficult convincing the clients and no major revenue was being generated. Leading a Team under these circumstances was extremely challenging.
Climb your mountain phase
He decided to conduct one of the Biggest Events of Dehra Dun – USP Pacific Doon Carnival. It was a 9 days Extravaganza that saw various Celebrities performing and witnessed a footfall of more than 2,00,000 People. Despite amazing popularity and word of mouth publicity, this event broke USP’s backbone.


We suffered an overall loss of Rs. 10,00,000

I Needed A Massive Change In My Life
And I Needed It Really Quickly

Effective Communication Skills
brought about the Desired Change

Watch This Video
To Understand How

The Last 22 Months Have Been Phenomenal

However, It Took Me More Than 7 Years
to Reach This Level

Main Reason No Mentorship No Guidance

All These Winners Have Coaches

I Don't Want The Same To Happen To You

I Want You To Grow Really Fast

Therefore, I am Sharing All My Exact Techniques, Strategies, Knowledge and most importantly Mentorship to enable YOU to earn a revenue in Lakhs, get Massive Respect, Travel the World and Live an Extra Ordinary Life


Public Speaking Getting Started Videos

This is the full on no holds barred getting started section where you find out the specifics of how to get rid of nervousness, stage fear, fear of being judged, fear of failure and mother tongue influence. There is no step left uncovered – including exactly what to practice, when to practice, detailed videos lists, FAQ’s and much more..

Public Speaking Mastery Audio Mp3

Listen to the entire Public Speaking Mastery Program at home, in the car or out and about with your Phone with this mp3 version. Professionally narrated for easy and convenient listening with no section left uncovered.

Success Worksheet

This is to help you easily keep up to date with your progress without losing track, and it provides an invaluable source of motivation. Its a proven fact that logging your experience with your practice routine increases success rates exponentially.

E-Book Guides

Want to start ASAP? You will get multiple PDF guides that will be your easiest companion whenever you want to get ready for practice. I have made them with accurate precision and as easy as possible to get you started whenever possible.

Public Speaking Success Tools

Success tools are the essentials you will need for reference and practice. With the required strategic tools, your transition rate will be faster & easier.

MEGA BONUS - 150 Live Trainings

Get Immediate Access to

107 Live Trainings

Self Belief
Fitness Matters
Goal Setting
Sales Mastery
Social Media Mastery
Story Telling Techniques
Impromptu Speaking
Speak English fluently
Kill excuses
Essentials of Communication
Achieve all your dreams
New year resolutions
Life hacks & strategies
Time management
Get Your Money Right
Professional Written Communication
Get Rid of your Limiting Beliefs
All about Leadership
Digital Marketing & Building Funnels
Vocabulary + Grammar + Pronunciation
Presentation Skills & Building Mobile Apps
30 Daily Hacks to become an Effective Speaker
Stop procrastinating & utilise your time
Consistency + Implementing Funnels
Decision Making & Getting rid of over thinking
Adding humour to your speech + Blue Ocean Theory
Content preparation & Prepared speeches
The amazing benefits of travelling
It all starts from zero
Self education
Delivering prepared speeches
Always overdeliver
35 Public speaking hacks
Get rid of negativity
Why go digital?
20 Unique Ways to Start Your Session/Speech/ Presentation
Non Verbal Communication (Eye Contact, Body Language, Posture, Facial Expressions, Stage Coverage)
Excel at your workplace
The power of taking initiatives
Failure leads to success
Get the speaking assignments
Email Marketing
How to conduct the perfect webinar?
Negotiation Skills
Email Etiquettes
27 habits of Highly Successful People
Life is happening for you and not to you
How to conduct effective seminars?
How to raise your vibe before you start speaking?
Setting up your the Online Course
9 Pillars of Written Communication
Facebook Ads Training by Saurabh Bhatnagar
Video Mastery by Reshu Singhal
How to monetise your skills?
Email list building by Karthik Ramani
Copywriting hacks by Saurabh Bhatnagar
Grammar and Sentence Construction
How to develop consistency in life?
10 Ways to start your Online Income
How to Deliver Effective PowerPoint Presentations?
How to earn money through Affiliate marketing?
How to get clients online?
How to conduct long duration sessions?
How to become an audience centric speaker?
Leveraging your Social Media (Facebook & LinkedIn)
Leveraging your Social Media (Instagram & YouTube)
How to effectively manage your team?
Effective One to One Communication Strategies
From Passion to Monetisation
The Vision behind Communication Mastery
Effectively managing your time
How to Effectively communicate through videos?
Start loving yourself
Getting rid of Stage fear
Stop thinking short term
How to monetise your communication skills?
Train your mind
Get rid of the fear of Speaking in English
How to gather & continue working with momentum?
Power point presentation hacks
How to build your personal brand?
Including personal examples during Public Speaking
Public Speaking Master class
Action before Perfection
Extempore Session
How to develop and exhibit PATIENCE?
Conquer 2020
25 Strategies to crack any Interview
Strategies for Written Professional Communication
The complete strategy to create Video Content
35 daily steps to speak confidently in English
Exclusive follow-up strategies
Emotional Intelligence
20 ways to generate revenue through Effective Communication Skills
All details about International Software Launches by Saurabh Bhatnagar
How to develop Amazing "Self Awareness"
Persistence Pays
How to find your niche?
11 ways to start and scale your online income
TikTok Growth Hacks
24 Benefits of taking your work online
The Most Comprehensive Sales Workshop
Public Speaking Workshop
Essentials of a Successful Business

Attend 90 more Live Trainings in the coming 90 weeks

Course Completion Certificate

And Most Importantly Rahul Bhatnagar
as your Mentor for a Life Time

A Must Enroll Course for Everyone

  • Student
  • Get Placed In Your Dream Company
  • Crack Every Interview
  • Become an Impeccable Speaker
  • Nail the Group Discussions
  • Become a Social Media Rockstar
  • Employed
  • Be Exceptional at Work Place
  • Suppress your Competition
  • Get out of turn Promotions
  • Get Massive Appreciation and Respect
  • Become a Social Media Rockstar
  • Entrepreneur
  • Generate Massive Revenue
  • Be a Sales Ninja
  • Be an Inspirational Leader
  • Enhance Patience || Exhibit Passion
  • Become a Social Media Rockstar
  • Employer/ Business Owner
  • Manage Effectively
  • Increase your Revenue (25% - 110%)
  • Increased Employee Retention
  • Get Instant Recognition & Respect
  • Become a Social Media Rockstar

Detailed Breakup of All the Modules
in the Course

A. Preview

1. How to get the maximum out of this course?

2. Before we begin, see these #2 hacks to improve your Communication Skills

3. Why is this course meant just for you?

4. You will have to do it at one point of your life!

B. About Me

1. Class 12th Disaster (Video)

2. The Come Back (Video)

3. My Journey of Public Speaking

4. How my life got completely changed?

5. My Endeavor

6. You are not alone - Case Study of 5 All-Time Greatest Orators who Overcame Glossophobia

C. Start Your Journey

1. Getting rid of nervousness
• I’ll look down while speaking?
• My breathing gets heavier on the stage.
• The audience won’t understand me.

2. Getting rid of stage fear
• I just can’t face the audience.
• I’ll forget what to say.
• People will make fun of me.

3. Getting rid of the fear of being judged
• What if the audience doesn’t consider me intelligent enough?
• What if I am asked a question, I don’t know the answer to?
• I am not good looking!

4. Getting rid of the fear of failure:
• What if I go blank?
• What if I fumble?
• What if I over shoot the time?
• Failing is good!

5. Getting rid of MTI
• My English accent is poor.
• My pronunciation is horrible.
• I may sound funny.

D. Supreme Essentials

1. Eye Contact

2. Body Language

3. Posture

4. Know your audience

5. Content

6. Voice modulation

7. Stage coverage

E. Incredibly Impressive

(Appear way more confident than you actually are)

1. Leave a lasting first impression

2. Do this so that everybody remembers you forever

3. Grabbing everyone’s attention immediately

4. 8 Internationally Proven guaranteed tips for becoming supremely confident (Part 1)

5. 8 Internationally Proven guaranteed tips for becoming supremely confident (Part 2)

F. Over & Over Again

(Practice is the Key)

1. 5 Mind Blowing practice techniques

2. Preparation makes all the difference

3. 4 things to do just before you go on to the stage

4. 100 Practice Topics

G. Not to be missed (Bonuses)

Bonus #1. A proven method to release the fears before you start speaking.

Bonus #2. Today, you are the most ready you can ever be.

Bonus #3. 390+ Supremely Powerful Words to create an impact when you speak

Bonus #4. Avoid this one habit to excel at public Speaking.

Bonus #5. Case Study - He spoke just for 10 seconds on his first impromptu topic. He just paid a complete course fee of Rs. 5,000 compared to many others who paid Rs. 5 lakhs to 10 Lakhs. Today, he earns as much as all of them do.

Bonus #6. Case Study - How 2 under confident speakers transformed themselves and sold software worth Rs. 1.4 Crores in 6 months (Case Study – Video)

Bonus #7. Case Study - Her investment of just Rs. 5,000 on Public Speaking Skills got her a dream high flying job at a package of Rs. 5 Lakhs pa.

Bonus #8. Case Study - His Excellent Public Speaking Skills have accelerated his growth in is Professional Life. In 6 years he has worked at SBI and Infosys. He works at the United Nations today.

Bonus #9. My 22 Supremely Powerful Tips for Highly Impressive Communication Skills

Bonus #10. A Supremely Elaborate Study on How to Analyze your Audience

Taking Action E-Books

Bonus #11. Program your mind to learn quickly & easily

Bonus #12. 10 Daily Hacks to improve your Public Speaking Skills

Bonus #13. Kill all your Limiting Beliefs

Bonus #14. Shine at your workplace

E-Books Enabling you to Achieve More

Bonus #15. Achieve all your Short-Term Goals

Bonus #16. Achieve all your Long-Term Goals

Bonus #17. Avoid Procrastination

Bonus #18. Lead with example

Bonus #19. Sales made easy

Your Investment

  • 1.Communication Mastery Videos₹ 44,997
  • 2.E-Books and Case Studies₹ 4,997
  • 3.Communication Mastery Audio Mp3 Files₹ 4,997
  • 4.24 Exclusive Live Trainings by Rahul
    For the Next 12 Months₹ 2,40,000
  • 5.Success Worksheets₹ 997
  • 6.Bonuses₹ 7,997
  • 7.Member of Facebook Mastermind GroupInvaluable
  • 8.CommunityInvaluable
  • 9.Unconditional SupportInvaluable
  • Total Value₹ 3,03,985
Total Value - ₹ 3,03,985
You Pay - Only ₹ 10,000

The reason I am offering this course to you at the Lowest Possible Price is because it is all about contribution.

I have seen first hand that this course can completely transform people's lives. I have helped a number of students, businesses & working professionals live a tremendously better lifestyle.
Using these methods they have not just boosted their public speaking & communication skills, but have drastically improved their confidence and personality.
I am Passionate for your Success.

I was working in Mumbai and had my interview in an MNC for their Delhi-NCR Region. I took a one hour session on Interview Skills over Skype from Rahul. His methodologies and way of explaining is really simple to understand and implement. His passion for his work is truly commendable. I cleared the interview and presently am the only girl in the entire North India operations of the company. Thanks Rahul.

Priya Mathur
Area Manager (Medical Sector)

I thank God for the best decision I took to enrol in the trainings of Rahul Bhatnagar Sir. I met him first when he came as a guest speaker to our college. I loved his session and was very impressed and stirred by his words and have religiously followed each and every advice of his. I became Supremely confident and my career has gone upwards since then. His guidance and trainings are a boon and a very must for every one.

Sidhant Jhunjhunwla

I don't know what would I be doing with my career had I not come in contact of Rahul sir. His trainings motivated me to go the extra mile and become a fluent and confident public speaker. I was able to crack 8 out of 10 Big Interviews that I went for. I also cracked the interview of the best German University. Now, not only is my education completely free but I also get paid for my research work. I owe a big part of my success to Rahul Sir's trainings & learnings. "Thank You Sir"

Ramya Rattan
Studying in Best German University

7 Days No Questions Asked
Money Back Guarantee

We stand by our product as the fastest & most reliable public speaking, communication & personality enhancement program ever created.
If it doesn’t yield those results for you, or for any reason If you are not fully satisfied with Communication Mastery for any reason, just let us know within 7 days for a full refund of your purchase price. No hassles, no hoops to jump through, just a prompt, courteous refund.
No hassles, no hoops to jump through, just a prompt, courteous refund.


Just click on the "ADD TO CART" button, complete your payment and you are good to go. You will receive the access details on your registered email id. You get a lifetime access to Communication Mastery Videos, MP3 files, E-Books & Case Studies.
The time duration to complete the course varies from person to person. However on your registered email id, you will be sent a suggested schedule to complete all the modules in the course. It is recommended that you complete the course in around 90 days so that you get enough time to practice all the learnings.
The course has been specifically designed to take care of all your requirements. You will be guided from the basics of public speaking to the most advanced techniques in a systematic manner. This course is a result of my past 12 years experience as a Professional Speaker and it is a guaranteed formula to enhance your confidence. All that i need from you is a dedicated effort and commitment for your growth and success. As the course is online so you can learn at your own convenience at your house. You get access to the course for a lifetime so you can always go back and refer any module whenever required.
It is recommended that you attend the trainings' live so that all your questions can also be answered in real time. However, if you are not able to attend any training then you will get access to the recorded video over your registered email id. You will be notified about the trainings' date well in advance so that you can adjust your schedule accordingly.
Yes, you can pay in equal monthly installments. Just click on the ADD TO CART button and at the time of checkout select the EMI option. You can select the 3 months, 6 months or 12 months time period as per your convenience.
The live trainings are being done specifically so that you can get personalised attention from Rahul. However, if you still feel that there is any particular thing that you need guidance about then write a mail to Rahul and he will be more than happy to help you. The motive here is to make you successful.
No. The only amount that you need to pay for this course for a lifetime is Rs. 10000. Amazing! Isn't it!!
The Quality of your Communication determines the Quality of your Life. Communication Mastery is the most comprehensive course to enhance your public speaking skills, develop negotiation skills, master sales strategy, multiply social media reach and increase your leadership ability. We are so confident about our course that we offer a 7 Days No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. We know that this course works & it has worked for thousands of people all over the world. We can proudly say that till date there has not been even a single person who has asked for a refund. Enroll Now and prepare yourself to live the Extra Ordinary Life that you deserve.
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Rahul Bhatnagar

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