How to create a lasting First Impression?

Do you agree to the quote, ‘First impression is the last impression.’?

Well if you ask me, I don’t. But one thing in which I certainly do believe in, is that first impression may be a lasting one.

Wondering why?

The answer is simple, you might come across a number of opportunities where you can create a good second impression over people, but why not rather create an impact of your personality over the person, so that you just don’t need to make an impression on him any further, that is, make a lasting impression?
You might get stuck in the turmoil of your thoughts so as to how you can get yourself to the personality that creates a lasting impression over others.

This article aims to get you out of this turmoil by disclosing a few secrets to you.

There are a number of things on the basis of what, people can judge you.

It can be the way you dress, talk, greet, your expressions, body language and even your voice.

Let us start discussing a few of them here.

  1. Be Punctual

I know you might have always been the late- comer in school and may be even got punished for that, but remember that you shouldn’t leave a bad impression on the person you’re supposed to meet by coming late or delaying with an excuse.

You should be on time, don’t keep the person waiting for you.

  1. Be Well Dressed

Make sure that you select the set of clothes that suits you, do not wear shabby looking or clothes that do not fit you.

Very tight or very loose clothes do not look smart.

Wear basic greys and blacks. Do not select a colour like hot pink to wear in an interview/occasion where you want to create a lasting impression over the person.

If you’re wearing ties, make sure that the length just hits your belt.

Very long ties are not appreciated and display negligence of the person.

  1. Be Nice to the Receptionist

Keep in mind that your behaviour is the most noticeable thing about you.

If you keep it warm, swift and gentleman/lady-like you can definitely make a mark over the concerned person.

  1. Keep your Phone Aside

Do not keep texting your friends or be distracted by your phone.

It looks as if you’re more interested in your cell phone, than the person you are supposed to meet.

  1. Make the First Move

Greet the concerned person with a warm and welcoming smile.

Allow him to look you into the eye. Making an eye contact always helps in building the trust of the other person in you.

  1. The interviewer may Test Your Patience

There are incidences where the interviewer asks you to sit on a creaking chair in order to test your patience and see how you deal with such a situation.

  1. Do Your Homework

Do not be an ignorant one, learn about the interviewer beforehand.

If you are not aware of who is going to be your interviewer, learn about the organisation instead. Find out what the organisation has been up to these days, and what all are their future goals.

  1. Show Passion

The only thing, an interviewer may be looking for is a glint in your eye while you are speaking about your dreams. Your dreams should inspire them.

I hope this article solved all your queries, now it is time for you to lace up your shoes and work on how you shall make a lasting impression.


Cheers to Your Success!


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