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About Rahul

"Let thy SUCCESS be thy NOISE"

Rahul says, “I’d like to be remembered as a PASSIONATE Individual who won defying the odds.”

Rahul Builds Businesses

Marketing & Sales

  • Dec 2010 – May 2011
  • Be your Own Boss
  • Team of 5,500 Winners
  • Revenue Generated – 55 Million INR
  • 19 States Covered
  • Created 10 Millionaires in his Team

Marketing & Events

  • Co-Founder & Director
  • 09 July 2012 – Present
  • 50,000+ Loyalty Card Holders
  • One of the Biggest Youth Event – USP The Survivor with 15,000+ Participants
  • 300+ Clients

SAAS & Trainings

  • Co-Founder & Director
  • 2nd Nov 2015 – Present
  • Contributing to the Digital India Mission
  • Revenue Generated – 40 Million INR
  • 10,000+ Number of Individual Products Sold

Empowering Lives

  • 27th May 2017 – Present
  • 100+ Seminars
  • 50,000+ Lives Touched
  • 1,000+ Student Placed
  • 200+ Business owners Mentored
  • Coached 100+ Entrepreneurs & Small Medium Enterprises


Dream Company

1000+ Students’ Trained by Rahul are working in their Dream Companies.


 Bridge the gap between where you are and where you aspire to be.

Personalized Coaching from
him is exactly what you need.

Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Rahul has helped businesses grow
their revenue substantially
by changing their strategies.

10X your organization’s growth
with his guidance.

Employed or
Job Seekers

Shine at your workplace & get the promotion you desire.
Looking for a job and don’t know where you’ll get your next opportunity.

Enroll with Rahul’s
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Some of them are

Elena Schiller
Professional Speaker, Trainer & Life Coach, Germany

Rahul is a dedicated speaker who through his thoughtful and encouraging speeches is
always successful in lighting up the best of the people.
His words are always addressed to the people’s core motivation and lead them to where they truly belong.
Rahul is a gentle, intelligent and a caring person who is always there to help.

Afshad Hawaldar
BBA Student at CBALC Belgaum

I remember it was 3rd March 2017.
Sir Rahul Bhatnagar took a session on Entrepreneurship at our college in Belgaum.
That session inspired me so much and made me think of doing something in my life.
I then started with an Instagram Page called Dekh Bahu.
Currently, that page has 21,000 followers and more 900 posts.
All thanks to Rahul Bhatnagar Sir for taking this session and making me realize my potential.

Arushi Gupta

Application Developer at IBM

I met Rahul while he was on his mission of Delivering 50 Speeches in 50 Days.
He was delivering his 39th speech “All About Marriage” at Bluequest Toastmasters Club. I have known him ever since then.
His passion for work is commendable. He has been a great source of information. Not only is he a pro at the speaking business,
his amazing energy, ideas and insights have helped many and they have turned into a huge success!
His mentorship and encouragement has given me the confidence to pursue speaking as an avenue that I would not
have considered before, but which has manifested as an important component of my personal development!
Thank you Rahul for your support and coaching to help me become a more confident and impactful speaker!

Devina Chaturvedi

Former PR Manager, District 41, Toastmasters International

I have known Rahul for about a year now. In this one year, he has helped me in ways he doesn’t even realise himself.
As an immaculate speaker and a visionary leader Rahul has helped me understand the elements of speaking.
A particular one I know now because of a conversation with him is making content relevant to the audience.
It was through a discussion after one of his speeches where he shared this insight and changed my point of view of writing a speech –
even to tell your audience what you want to tell them, you must say things that they want to hear first.
This has helped me make better speeches as well as to deal with a lot of situations in life.
More power and glory to you, Rahul! I look forward to your continued growth and success!

Ashish Diwan

Customs Officer

I was very nervous even with the thought of giving an interview, until I came in touch with Rahul Sir.
In my interview, I looked straight into the eyes of my interviewer and answered all his questions.
I felt supremely confident because of my learnings from Rahul Sir.

Suresh Mahala

Co-Founder - Walter N Brukes Events & Exhibitions

Rahul has been a great friend since we first met 9 years ago while pursuing our MBA.
Though we are of the same age, I still consider him as my mentor due to the
invaluable learning and business advice that I have received from him for my company.
He is a strategist and understands the core of every business.
My company’s turnover doubled with the changes suggested by him.

Ankur Bhargava

Professional Speaker & Life Enhancement Mentor

“Rahul, naam to suna hi hoga”.
This dialogue from Shahrukh’s movie applies to this gem as well.
Rahul Bhatnagar is a man who is obsessed with dedication, motivation and altruism.
Being known him for more than a couple of years, I am humbled
and fortunate to have a friend, mentor and a guide, all in one bundle of flesh.
He is an express machine of ideas, talks and inspiration.
However, I warn you that you may get in touch with him at your own risk, as he is contagious with positivity, hope and success.
Goal Setting

I want to set Short Term & Long Term Goals.
I want to destroy all my Goals and become an achiever.


I want to inspire and lead from the front.
I want to become the Leader whom I would love to follow.

Personal Development

I want to work upon myself and
become the best version of myself.

Public Speaking

I wish to become an Incredible
Communicator and Professional Speaker.
I want to mesmerize people with my Storytelling Skills.

Sales Training

I want to multiply my Sales.
I want the Money and the Lifestyle I deserve.

Media Coverage