Let’s Sell

I Can Sell – Can You? Let me answer that for you. Yes, you can.

Sales are Everything – The sole reason of existence of almost all businesses depends only upon sale.

Just look around, everybody is selling something to someone in some form. Like I am selling you this idea. And if this made any sense to you, you will sell it to someone else. Ideas, knowledge, service, product, even ourselves; we all are selling something all the time in a way.

The only difference is most of us are not observant to it.

It is a fact that good sale persons are the prince charming of any firm. They are recognised more, valued more and quite often paid much more than others working at the same level.

No, one doesn’t require Quaalude to be one.

Then what does it require?

First key to any sales is having confidence on one’s product. One needs to have a thorough knowledge about what one is selling. Adequate preparation to answer any question about not just their own product but also the competitor product is a must.

When a product is doing well in the market- there is definitely a skilled sales person behind it. Obviously, the product has to be in sync with the new trends, features, uniqueness and a good marketing strategy.

However, sales are what makes it reach your home at the end.

Haven’t you noticed, how one small gesture by a sales person can compel us to buy something not even on our shopping list.

Or how we are gently nudged to buy when we go to a super market-to buy more.

Don’t you remember, how a sales person says to us, “Sir/Madam, bas ek baar dekh lo. Lena naa lena toh aapke haath main hai. (Just have a look once. Whether you buy it or not is secondary)

These small things break the reluctance and create the need for the buyer to buy the product.

However, what about the products with less sales?

As per Marketing Guru Victor Antonio, 5 Major Reasons why your product is still lying there in your store or ware house have been explained below:

Money (M) – There will just be a very few people who won’t buy because of Money. Maybe just 2-3% of people will fall in this category. Most people will spend the money once the value of the product has been depicted.

Time (T) – Just like in the case of money, you need to show the value of the product. Showcase the necessary relevance of the product or how the product can help you make money/save money and the product will be sold.

Need (N) – Many people don’t actually realize that they really need the product or not. A demonstration or a trigger effect is essential in such a case to make them realize the actual need of your product.

However, don’t assume that if a buyer needs a product then he/she will necessarily buy it. There are 2 more essential parameters still remaining for you to cover.

Urgency (U) – Now that the need has been identified, the urgency needs to be demonstrated. The buyer need to realize WHY he/she needs the product NOW.

How by not buying the product now they can lose out on something substantial. Your product needs to be positioned in a manner that the sense of urgency is both created and presented.

You need to make your buyer take the decision now.

Now that all the 4 parameters have been taken care, the most important factor is TRUST.

Trust (T) – As a seller you need to create more credibility and trust. It happens may a times, that Buyers buy stuff from their trusted sellers.

You HAVE to become that Trusted Seller for the buyers.

Be presentable, look presentable, have empathy for the buyer, be honest and diligent. Always keep The Customer First approach and sales won’t be tough anymore.

To Conclude:

Sales will happen, provided you as a seller have enhanced the necessary accumen and skills.

Take every rejection as a learning experience and gradually you’ll be converting the No into Yes.


P. S. – There are many more Do’s & Don’ts with regards to Sales in the video. Worth a watch for every seller.

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