Simple Growth Hacks to increase the Productivity of your Day

By simple Growth Hacks I mean utilizing your Time effectively and maximizing the spare time to gain maximum Possible Value of your Time.

I started implementing few Growth Hacks in my Life and YES I started seeing some glorious changes in my Life.

Here I will only mention the ones which I follow:

Growth Hack #1

To Do List – Whenever you wake up make a list of all the Tasks which you want to finish that day. This way you will never miss or forget something really important and it will always remain in front of you which means that you are always reminded to complete the task.

Remember the Rule – The ones you write down are the ones which gets completed for sure.


Growth Hack #2

3-5 Minutes Management – From your ‘To Do List’ figure out the ones which will take just 3-5 minutes of your time and then complete them immediately before doing any other activity to start your day.
(There will be hardly 1 or 2 such tasks every day)

Remember the Rule – 3-5 Minute tasks are the ones for which we procrastinate the most and they are always kept pending. Finishing them early will mean you will complete approx. 10-40% tasks present in your ‘To Do List’ for the Day.


Growth Hack #3

Priority to the Most Important Tasks – By most important tasks I mean the ones which are essential/ backbone of your Work.

Whenever you are doing the Most Important Tasks of your Day, give them your complete attention.

I figured out that this can be done when you will shut down all your social channels like Facebook, Whatsapp while doing such tasks.


Growth Hack #4

Utilize your Spare Time – You get spare time at least 5-10 Times in a Day. The spare time is the time when you have got absolutely nothing to do. It can range from 5 minutes to around 30 mins at a time.

Utilize this time to do something Productive. You can put out some content in the form of Blog Post or article in an open website like Medium or may be a Podcast or a Video.

Or you can simply read a Book. I prefer Listening the Book. I use Audible for that. (Currently I am in mid of listening #AskGaryVee)


Growth Hack #5

Income Producing Activities – Make it a Point that you will do an Income Producing activity every day.

There are many tasks that are done to build Long Term Reputation, but Cash is the Oxygen of your Business. Do tasks that directly leads to produce Income in the Present.

Remember the Rule – Cash is the Oxygen of your Business. If you run out of Oxygen, you will lose the Steam.


Growth Hack #6

Speak to the Mirror – Having a Good Communication will definitely improve your Business whether Directly or Indirectly.

Go in front of Mirror and practice your communication in your Business Language (may be for just 5 minutes in a Day, but do it Daily).

You will see Massive Improvement.

P.S – I am an active Toastmaster and that really helps.

Remember the Rule – You need to speak well to effectively sell yourself.


Growth Hack #7

Dark Horses of your Business – I searched all the Income streams of my overall revenue and in my search I looked for those income streams of mine in which I was not able to put enough attention but they were giving me consistent returns.

These are the income streams you really need to work upon. These are your Dark Horses. Make some little tweaks in them and put little bit more one time effort and watch them grow.

P.S – I saw 150% growth in my overall revenue when I did this. Try it 🙂


Growth Hack #8

3, 2, 1 Rule – I learnt this rule from a Leadership course I attended in in Singapore last month.

The rule states to write down 3, 2 and 1 thing daily from your experiences of the Day.

  • What are the 3 Learnings/ Life Lessons you learned today?
  • 2 things that you will start doing differently?
  • What is the 1 thing that you will implement in your Life right away?

By doing this you will improve every day. After some time you will be able to Kill some major Negatives from your Life.

These 3 Rules are really deep if you follow them religiously.

P.S – There are days when I am able to write just 1 thing in the 2nd category or may be just 2 things in the 1st category. But, again the point is to write the genuine ones, not just write for the sake of it.

I generally do this when I am going to Sleep and I write it in the Notes of my Phone.

(Yes I miss doing this on few days)


Growth Hack #9

Personal Health Growth – Find time to work out on your Personal health. Good health means that you are better able to enjoy your Work and your Life.

Meditation is also an option.

Remember the Rule – A Sound Mind stays inside a Healthy Body.

P.S – This is one thing which I am very irregular at. Though whenever I find opportunity to Play Cricket or Football, I never miss it. I play Football on every Weekend.


Growth Hack #10

Use your Sub-Conscious Mind – Now you might find this one strange but I have found the solution to some of my most difficult problems when I slept thinking about them, by morning I knew exactly what I have to do to solve the particular problem.

This does not work every time. But trust me it has helped me in solving some real critical problems.


Growth Hack #11

Patience – Take your time in responding to queries which you find are not easy to respond in the moment. You may take a wrong decision/ make a wrong statement when you are in hurry.

Take your time and respond well 🙂


Ahhh.. This was one long very good article (Sometimes I praise myself 😀 )

I know after implementing all/ some of them in your Life you will definitely multiply your Productivity and hence you will reach your Life Goals faster.

Remember the Rule – The key lies in execution not just theory. So pick out your favourite Growth Hacks from above and start implementing them.

I will be waiting to hear from you how these Growth Hacks have helped you in your Journey.

And if there are any Growth Hacks which you use every day and you find can be helpful for me then please write it down to me. I will be Happy to implement them.

If you liked the article then please share it with your Friends too 🙂
(It keeps up my Motivation)

Ta Ta…

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