Get rid of the Mundane

While starting a speech/session, I see a lot of people begin with a dull Good Morning or Good Afternoon depending upon the time of the day.

This is perhaps the most boring and uninteresting way of starting. The audience might be attending a full day event and hearing more than 10-15 speeches.

As a Speaker it is your duty to provide the audience with their time’s worth. Drawing their attention in the first 10-15 seconds is essential to keep them hooked and interested in your talk.

Start using the following techniques:

1. Anecdote/Story – We have always been fascinated by stories since our childhood. Get the audience on to your side by narrating a short story.

2. Quotation – Beginning with a motivating and an inspirational quotation can get the adrenaline rushing in the audience.

3. Share an incident – Think about an interesting incident that might be both appealing as well as relatable for the audience. This sense of similarity will make the audience both happy and interested.

4. Facts & Numbers – Start your speech by sharing facts and numbers with your audience. Your audience will be delighted to learn something new.

5. Ask a question – Make your audience think by asking a question. Then compliment them when they provide you with relevant answers. They’ll love your compliments.

6. Surprise your audience – Bring in an element of surprise that your audience wouldn’t have expected at all.

7. Speak about yourself – The audience wants to see you as one of their own. Unless they feel that you are similar to them, they might not be keen to hear you or learn from you. Open up to them by speaking about yourself.

Use any of these 7 ways to begin and say Bye-Bye to a dull Good Morning.

A good beginning is half the job done.

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