Entrepreneurs Never Lose – They either win or learn

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work” – Thomas Edison

An evergreen quote, which you must have heard a zillion times. But, you have to agree that it could never lose its essence even after 100 more years. 21st century is the century of Startups. Hundreds of startups have opened up over the time span of last 16 years. So what exactly changed, i sometimes ask myself. Well! The answer is nothing. Only the number of high spirited and risk taking people have increased.

The population of entrepreneurs has increased thanks to the increase in education levels and investors who are ready to risk their money over this burgeoning pool of talent. Today, when a small town boy can become a billionaire in a span of few years, you would also want to leave your mark.

So what exactly is stopping you from becoming the next shining star in the world of entrepreneurs?

Ahh! I know. It’s the fear of failure. The fear that if you do not succeed, your life would come to a standstill. Well! I would like to disagree. The life never stops and the show will go on. Every setback is a push forward towards success. Every failure is one method eliminated for good of all the methods to reach your destination.

I know, i must be sounding biblical to you. “Blah Blah! We have heard it million times. Not interested” Right? Well! Here is something of your interest.

Let me give you practical reasons to prove that every failure is a one step forward towards success:

1. Failure is Not Fatal

So, you started a venture and it picked up in the first go. You found the investors, you are a million dollar company and you are invincible. Hello! You stink of overconfidence and it is so not good for your business.

Roger Babson once said:

“It is wise to keep in mind that neither success nor failure is ever final”

Your venture might fail at any point of time. Trust me, it doesn’t matter AT ALL.

Failing sometimes is good as it helps you cherish success and keeps you down to Earth in all situations.

Failure teaches you a lesson and helps you move one step closer to success.

Salvador Dali said something so beautiful in such few words:

“Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it”

So do not fear failure and never think that you are not perfect to start your life as an entrepreneur yet. You will never ever reach there. The best time is now. As Kabira, the great said, “Kaal karey so aaj kar, aaj karey so ab. Pal mein pralay hoyegi, bahuri karega kab.” It means do not leave anything for the right time to come.

“The right time is now”

2. Nothing good in life Comes Easy

So you started a business and you failed. That’s it. End of life and end of career, Right? Wrong. Whenever you fail, remember one thing, “Nothing good in life comes easy.” It is true and totally practical.

You think Edmund Hillary climbed Mt. Everest without any struggle? You think Paytm was the first venture ever started by Vijay Sharma? No. There were setbacks but they did not give up because they knew life after tasting success is magical.

Failure is a part of life. Every new step would be difficult. Getting up after every fall would be tougher. But, all you need to tell yourself is that, “I am one step closer. All I need to do is buck up and move on”

3. Established Companies crave for Failed Entrepreneurs

Now, this one is your biggest concern. You have a job in your hand. You are doing good with your bosses. How can you leave at this point and start something of your own? You might have to start from the same level at where you are today after 2 years. All your colleagues would be way ahead in the game. All i want to say is that, “All your thoughts are vague. It has nothing to do with any being – living or dead.”

In today’s time, companies cherish the people who have the guts to take risks. They want people who do not believe in hierarchy but getting out there all by themselves and get things done. The people who are not stuck up in petty office politics and are more concerned about achieving goals.

So don’t you worry about your career even if you fail. You have lot more options than you think you have.

4. You need to travel a certain amount in order to call yourself a failure

Yes, i agree you failed. But, think about it in this way, in order to fail you must have gone a certain length. You must have carried out a few experiments. You must have learnt a lot of lessons. You must have learned a lot about how you could have avoided failure. This my friend, has turned many people into counsellors who guide others to stop committing those mistakes.

Failure itself means, you have a travelled a certain amount. Doing something and gaining knowledge in the process can never go in vain.

Lance Armstrong once said:

“Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever”

So remember, you have come a long way already. Just a few more steps. Do not quit at this point and let it all waste.

5. Self Learning is the Best Form of Learning

Ok, let me keep it this way. You are going to an institute, paying them a hefty amount of money and acquiring some skills. On the other hand, you are doing what you like, acquiring the necessary skills in the process and failing. Which option you think is better? Obviously, the second one you would say. This is exactly what I have been trying to explain.

Following your passion and learning in the process is always easier than attending boring classes. You want to learn Python, go make a website on it. You want to be a Data Scientist, try build some product with the help of it. Even if you fail, you will have all the in-depth knowledge equivalent to an experienced person.

Always keep one thing in mind. You have a backup and it won’t be an end. You are simply learning in a cool way.

6. It Grows your Network

Now, you have started a venture. You met different types of people for different purposes. Be it investors, vendors, sales etc. In the end, after all the effort, you failed. What did you reap, you must be thinking. Let me tell you. You have a huge network of people, who know you are Really Passionate. They believe in you and would do anything for you in the future as well.

This is what you earn the most even when you fail in something. You earn a huge network of people who can come in handy in future. So never think, you did not benefit from taking risk.

As Napoleon Hill said:

“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of a greater or equal benefit”

To Conclude:

Being an Entrepreneur myself, I know following your heart without fear is difficult but not trying is preposterous. So keep trying till you succeed. Trust me the taste of success after failure is out of this world. It will help you remain humble in life and gives you true friends who will stand by you forever.

There is no greater satisfaction in life than being a self made man/woman. You get the satisfaction of a lifetime.

So “Keep Calm and Don’t Give Up”

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